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Brian Semple is an avid fan of the American Musical Theatre.  He lives in Manhattan.

He has been begging, borrowing, and maxing out his credit cards to attend every Broadway show each season since 1992.  Well ... not all of them ... he tends to skip the plays.  But his penchant for musicals is unwavering.

After reading that Ken Mandelbaum kept a journal of all the shows he saw (what a great idea!) Brian began keeping a journal of his own.  Mr. Mendelbaum's straight-forward, casual, and honest criticisms have been a big influence on Brian, and he thanks him.  (Incidentally, his book NOT SINCE CARRIE is the definitive tome on Broadway flops.  A must read!) 

Other influences on Brian's writing have been Ethan Mordden and Steven Suskin.  It is quite refreshing to read well-written pieces about your passion by authors that are equally enthusiastic.

This by no means is meant to suggest that Brian is on the level of theatre criticism that has been achieved by Ken Mandelbaum, Steven Suskin, Ethan Mordden.  Nor does he think he is the next Frank Rich or Ben Brantley of the New York Times.  But he shares their fervor for this subject.

This website is a collection of criticisms and musings on a few of the shows that he attended.  Check back for more - as long as there is theatre - there will always be critics!

(Disclaimer: His opinions are not meant to insult or damage - but merely to enlighten.)
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